Who is this bloke?

Everything we need to deal with any disappointment in our lives is inside us right now.

About 10 years ago Barnaby thought he would give keynote speaking crack…the only problem was he hadn’t done much. He thought he had a story to tell (diagnosed with diabetes at 14, he was bashed is alcohol and had a stroke at 25 where he was put on life support & his parents were told they might have to turn it off) – he got through his challenges by trying as hard as he could with all the small things in front of him, being proud of who he was, and trying to be a good person.

Since being dealt his bad hands, Barnaby played a season in the AFL for the Sydney Swans in 1998, wrote two books, filmed over 10 documentaries, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, walked the Kokoda track, played his 100th game of AFL for his local club, and even tried stand-up comedy.

He was then dealt another rubbish hand when he lost the most beautiful person in his world, his wife Angela to breast cancer, but using all the messages speaks about, he kept putting 1 foot in front of the other in the last 12 months has delivered speeches in San Diego, Calgary, Auckland, and all around Australia.

He has realised that resilience isn’t a superpower only a few possess, everybody has everything they need inside them to deal with any disappointment in their life.

To hear Barnaby’s uniquely simple speech at your next function, get touch through the contact page on his website.


Barnaby Howarth