Barnaby is an amazing person and his ability to tell his story with such authenticity had our boys and girls hanging on every word . I would highly recommend Barnaby as a guest speaker to any sporting club , junior or senior
Anthony Closter Vice President Darley Junior Football Netball Club
For any corporate or other entity looking for a truly unique speaker with a staggering story of human triumph in adversity Barnaby Horwath is your man.
So much more than a motivational speaker, Barnaby’s genuine and heartfelt delivery is both moving and inspirational.

You’re honest, sincere and speak with experience. You’re the complete wonderful package
KAREN PHILP - mother of diabetic son

Barnaby Howarth’s message – that  trying to be a good human being, working as hard as you can and being proud of who you are is enough – shouldn’t be a point of difference…but it is. 

His message is more or less his life story, Barnaby hasn’t done anything other than give everything he has to what’s in front of him and has tried to be a good person every step of the way.  This simple way of living has helped Barnaby deal with a diabetes diagnosis, survive being bashed in alcohol fueled gang attack and having a stroke and then losing the most beautiful person in his world, his wife Angela to breast cancer. He has gone on to play a season in the AFL for the Sydney Swans, write two books, film more than 10 documentaries, play his hundredth game of AFL for his local footy club, climb Mount Kilimanjaro, and walk the Kokoda track, and he is now the host of an inspiring interview show “Everyday Greatness“

Barnaby now delivers his uniquely simple keynote speech around the world – It is a story that must be heard to show people the resilience they need to deal with any disappointment in their life is inside them right now.

A must read for all ages “PLAYING IN THE PUDDLES” is available now on


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